Distributed robot computing is the study of complexity and computability in systems where the computational entities themselves are capable of movement within the spatial universe they inhabit. The field has applications in areas as diverse as autonomous robots moving in a terrain, software agents moving in a network, autonomous intelligent vehicles, wireless mobile ad-hoc networks, and networks of mobile sensors.
The goal of the MAC research meetings, is to bring together researchers working in this areas in order to exchange problems, ideas, techniques, and results. The objective is to create a clearer picture of the state of the art in the field, to identify outstanding open problems and research directions, and to foster collaborative investigation of selected problems.
The event includes participation by graduate students and post-doctoral fellows, who can attend it as a research school.
There will be lectures of a survey/tutorial nature, invited talks on specific current research topics and open problems. The discussion and study of these open problems constitutes an integral part of the event.
Due to its particular nature, participation is by invitation.